Player Sponsorship



Player Sponsorships are available to all current players.

The program ensures that corporate sponsors get exposure to the NRCC network, whilst helping support their nominated player/s. We ask that all players present the Sponsor pack to as many potential sponsors as possible. Your sponsor will receive maximum exposure and be encouraged to engage in all social aspects of the club.


What’s the benefit to you?


You will receive a $50.00 discount on your subs for each sponsor you bring onboard this season. That’s right there’s no limit… if you bring on two sponsors you will receive a $100.00 discount. Now if you’ve already paid your subs, don’t worry!!! We will organise a club “credit” which can be put towards things like new apparel.

Plus your player profile & photo will be shown on the Big Screen at the club alongside your sponsors name/logo.

All you have to do is ask your sponsor to complete page 4 of the nominate their preferred payment method. From here the Club will organise a Tax invoice and arrange logos and your images to be taken.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Geoff Gray –