Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    RDCA:Under 12-1 (Timothy Court Shield)550000100%
    RDCA:Under 12-1 T20330000100%
    RDCA:Under 12-3550000100%
    RDCA:Under 16-1 T20330000100%
    RDCA:Under 14 -665010083%
    RDCA:Under 14-1 (Jeff Luscombe Shield)65010083%
    RDCA:Under 16-1 (Bill Wilkins Shield)65010083%
    VOSCA:VCV Over 50's D Grade Legends54001080%
    RDCA:Under 12-797020078%
    RDCA:Under 14-1 T2032001067%
    RDCA:Girls U/15 Stars63003050%
    RDCA:Under 14-361014017%
    RDCA:RDCA PSV T203000300%
    RDCA:Mini Bash 1       
    RDCA:Mini Bash 1       
    RDCA:B Grade (David Beatty Shield)62022033%
    RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)62031033%
    RDCA:Lindsay Trollope Shield63012050%
    RDCA:Steve Pascoe Shield62022033%
    RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)51022020%
    RDCA:E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)62022033%

    Season batting statistics
    RDCA:Under 12-1 (Timothy Court Shield)9582439.921885.10022
    RDCA:Under 12-1 T203451131.36605.75001
    RDCA:Under 12-38313424.441535.41006
    RDCA:Under 16-1 T203911723.00606.52002
    RDCA:Under 14 -69432341.002254.19003
    RDCA:Under 14-1 (Jeff Luscombe Shield)10492345.612075.07044
    RDCA:Under 16-1 (Bill Wilkins Shield)10623134.262174.89133
    VOSCA:VCV Over 50's D Grade Legends9512145.291715.56002
    RDCA:Under 12-78972832.041804.98005
    RDCA:Under 14-1 T203881821.56606.47002
    RDCA:Girls U/15 Stars6593121.261135.790210
    RDCA:Under 14-39514123.202164.40018
    RDCA:RDCA PSV T203752614.42606.25012
    RDCA:Mini Bash 100      
    RDCA:Mini Bash 100      
    RDCA:B Grade (David Beatty Shield)7713124.872553.02112
    RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)5742226.091733.32032
    RDCA:Lindsay Trollope Shield8904221.193382.63066
    RDCA:Steve Pascoe Shield10904325.353573.05153
    RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)7124216.952632.700210
    RDCA:E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)7363123.742692.73108

    Season bowling statistics
    RDCA:Under 12-1 (Timothy Court Shield)4753711.431573.410
    RDCA:Under 12-1 T201720412.00603.400
    RDCA:Under 12-34351511.981663.090
    RDCA:Under 16-1 T202830811.00605.130
    RDCA:Under 14 -64364414.982073.110
    RDCA:Under 14-1 (Jeff Luscombe Shield)4785718.232343.650
    RDCA:Under 16-1 (Bill Wilkins Shield)5057411.481743.290
    VOSCA:VCV Over 50's D Grade Legends2396541.961805.360
    RDCA:Under 12-73555415.831743.180
    RDCA:Under 14-1 T202130814.67605.130
    RDCA:Girls U/15 Stars1955229.051204.600
    RDCA:Under 14-33287927.472184.020
    RDCA:RDCA PSV T201747527.94568.410
    RDCA:Mini Bash 100 0  
    RDCA:Mini Bash 100 0  
    RDCA:B Grade (David Beatty Shield)2969724.032642.642
    RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)2151124.331722.970
    RDCA:Lindsay Trollope Shield4286220.523072.811
    RDCA:Steve Pascoe Shield3572120.602572.801
    RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)4682217.872413.414
    RDCA:E Grade (Neil Tull Shield)3271922.471953.671

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team