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Matches Played

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Total Records: 43
RDCA:Lindsay Trollope Shield
RDCA:Under 16-1 (Bill Wilkins Shield)
RDCA:Stuart Newey Plate
RDCA:A Grade (Ian Spencer Shield)
RDCA:C Grade (Don Smith Shield)
RDCA:D Grade (John Springett Shield)
RDCA:I Grade (Timothy Court Shield)
RDCA:Masters Division 1 (Bill Dean Trophy)
RDCA:Saxon Sports 20/20
RDCA:Under 14-1 (Jeff Luscombe Shield)
RDCA:Under 14-4
RDCA:Under 12-1 (Timothy Court Shield)
RDCA:Mini Bash 3
RDCA:Under 16-1 T20
RDCA:Under 12-4
RDCA:Under 14-1 T20
RDCA:Under 12-1 T20
RDCA:Mini Bash 2
RDCA:Under 16-3
RDCA:Under 12-6
VOSCA:VCV Over 50's 2017/18 B Grade Legends
RDCA:Under 12-7
1 Capobianco, Damian0000000100000000000000
2 Tyndall, Paul0000000000000000000010
3 Livingstone, Ben0100000000000000000000
4 Wilton, Brad0000000100000000000000
5 Xantidis, Flavio0000000000000000000010
6 Gray, Geoff0000000000000000000010
7 Young, Neil0000000000000000000010
8 Bellizia, Michael0000000100000000000000
9 Roe, Daniel0000000001000000000000
10 I'Anson, Brian0000000100000000000000
11 Andrikopoulos, Andrew0000000000000000000010
12 Redfern, Tony0000000000000000000010
13 Rodda, Nathan0000000001000000000000
14 Jones, Keagan0000000001000000000000
15 Rosman, Leo0100000000000000000000
16 Choucri, Liam0100000000000000000000
17 Skinner, Mitch0100000000000000000000
18 Logan, Stephen0000000000000000000010
19 Flynn, Harry0000000001000000000000
20 Flynn, Archie0000000001000000000000
21 Howes, David0000000100000000000000
22 McKenzie, Phillip0000000000000000000010
23 Beck, Joshua0100000000000000000000
24 Beck, Aaron0100000000000000000000
25 Gill, Benjamin0100000000000000000000
26 Rennison, Corey0000000001000000000000
27 Adamson, Curtis0000000001000000000000
28 Court, Mitch0100000000000000000000
29 Rule, Nicholas0000000001000000000000
30 Stewart, Lachlan0100000000000000000000
31 Ayton, Mackinley0100000000000000000000
32 Livingstone, Cameron0000000001000000000000
33 Gray, Adrian0000000000000000000010
34 Dykstra, Trevor0000000000000000000010
35 Carter, Jett0000000001000000000000
36 Soufi, Faysal0000000001000000000000
37 Constable, Marty0000000100000000000000
38 Rule, Colin0000000100000000000000
39 McArthur, Peter0000000000000000000010
40 Graham, Roger0000000100000000000000
41 Goddard, David0000000100000000000000
42 Xanditis, Luke0000000000000000000010
43 Paterson, Dave0000000100000000000000
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Total Records: 43
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